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Trade Tree Online (TTO) and Brian McClay & Associates (BMA) are affiliated companies that offer complimentary services in order to provide reliable and up-to-date pulp and paper market intelligence.

Together, equip yourself with the business intelligence you need to stay ahead.

TTO publishes monthly pulp net-price indices for benchmark grades in major markets like China, Europe and North America based on actual open-market transactions.

BMA helps subscribers understand and track current pulp market conditions and to forecast short to long-term trends in pulp demand, supply and net prices.

TTO = Trade Tree Online

BMA = Brian McClay & Associates

June 2024 Video

Integration: Trend towards more vertical integration might reduce volatility

Freight: High freight rates impacting markets, especially in Asia

Pricing: Pulp prices are feeling some pressure in China

Pulp Market Information Services

Market pulp monthly

Market analysis of pulp supply and demand, pricing across all grades and regions, and potential effects of current economic trends and exchange rates.

Monthly Price Forecasts

5-year forecasts of all TTO pulp net-price indices and their derived dollar values with monthly and quarterly details. Updated monthly.

Downtime Report

Interactive and customizable report that tracks unplanned and planned pulp downtime by grade, time period, region and mill.

Capacity Changes List

Lists of planned capacity changes over the next 5 years for all pulp and selected paper and paperboard grades.

Price Indices

Open-market, transactions-based net-price indices for NBSK and BHK in China and Europe, NBSK, SBSK and BHK in North America and globally for fluff pulp, BCTMP and textile-grade Dissolving Pulp. Updated monthly.

Monthly Video Updates

Library of all monthly pulp market update videos (3-4 minutes each).

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