Our Process

Delivering trusted pulp market information in innovative ways.

Trade Tree Online

TTO strives to provide trusted, open-market, transactions-based, net-price indices on a timely basis that can be referenced in pulp supply contracts. We aggregate monthly net-price data reported by buyers and sellers to generate volume-weighted-average-percentage-change indices by grade and market.

Current indices include: NBSK and BHK in China and Europe; NBSK, SBSK and BHK in North America and globally for fluff pulp, BCTMP and textile-grade dissolving pulp (DP). We do not publish pricing data from transactions tied to an index.

Brian McClay & Associates

BMA provides comprehensive and concise pulp market information to help subscribers track current global pulp market conditions and prepare for future market developments. We track current industry dynamics via continual contact with a global network of pulp market participants and produce short to long-term forecasts of pulp demand, supply and prices.

BMA also produces several annual outlook reports for particular pulp grades and regions, and offers management consulting services. Most of BMA’s info can be accessed via the TTOBMA smartphone app.


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